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 Sandwich Sale

 Twice each year (fall and spring) LCNS has a sandwich  sale. Families can sell subs, count money and/or  distribute subs on pick-up day.

  Staples Ink Cartridge Recycling

 Bring your empty ink cartridges to the container  outside the school office.  LCNS receives $3.00  for every cartridge

 Giant A+ School Rewards

 Register your Giant bonus card for LCNS.  The  school receives 1% of your total purchases.  To  register, complete the form provided by the school,  or online at

 Moo Money

 Bring the entire lid with Moo Money sticker from  Turkey Hill products to the container by the school  office. LCNS will receive $0.05 for each milk lid  from Turkey Hill Minit Markets.   

 Tyson’s A+

 Bring Tyson Project A+ labels from participating  products to the container by the school office.  LCNS receives $0.24 for each label.

 School Pictures

 Each fall we offer families the opportunity to have  their children’s pictures taken, along with a class  picture.  Graduation pictures are also offered in the  spring. The school receives a portion of the sales.



 Project Toy Box

 Project Toy Box is an outreach ministry hosted by  First UMC, Hershey.  They collect gently used  toys for parents and guardians to select from as  gifts for their children at no cost to them.  This  ministry specifically targets families experiencing  financial difficulties during the Christmas holiday  season.

 Christmas Caroling/Candy Bags

 During Advent, some of our classes collect bags  of individually wrapped candy divided into child-  decorated gift bags. The bags are then distributed  to retirement homes and Linglestown businesses.    The children learn the art of sharing with others  during the Advent season.

 Can Tabs for Ronald McDonald House

 Can tabs are collected all year at LCNS.  Children  can bring tabs to their classroom or to the  container by the school office.  

 Box Tops for Education

 Bring your Box Tops for Education to LCNS and  place in the container by the school office and we  will distribute them to local elementary schools.

 Coke Rewards

 Bring the Coke rewards numbers and place in the  container by the school office and we will donate  them to local elementary schools.

 LLUMC Coupon Clippers

 Bring coupon packets from the Sunday paper and  this group will use them for local mission projects  and expired coupons will be sent overseas to  military commissaries.

  LAHMBs Ministry (Lord’s Angels Helping  Moms & Babies), An outreach of Linglestown Life  United Methodist Church

 Donations of baby clothing and other baby items  are accepted for clients all year round.  Announcements are made detailing individual  needs.  Bring your donations to the stage in  Fellowship Hall.  



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 Early Intervention (Birth to age 2)

 Intermediate Unit (Age 3 and above)

 Pennsylvania Early Learning  Standards

 Gurian Institute

 Zero to Three

 Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations  for Early Learning



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Dauphin County Case Management Unit




 Order of St Luke

 Association of Christian Schools International


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